New claims helpline for brokers set to be launched

The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (Biba) has joined forces with Lorega to provide Biba brokers with a free and exclusive claims helpline advice service for complex claims.

The helpline, which will be administered by Lorega, will cover any claims issues including major fire, complex business interruption issues, liability, motor and marine.

When brokers call, Lorega will arrange for one of its 55 independent loss adjusters to contact them as soon as possible. The loss adjuster will then provide initial telephone advice to help the broker progress the claim.

If a particular claim is too complex to be resolved by telephone, Lorega will offer a full ‘After the Event’ (ATE) claims consultancy service for the client.

Lorega chief executive John Sims said: “While all BIBA brokers will want to do their very best to help their client at their hour of need handling large losses put a strain on their own business and can be both time consuming and very expensive for the broker and the client.

“While we expect to be able to help with many claims over the phone the additional ATE will, we believe, be invaluable for complex claims. We estimate that, for example, a loss of £80,000 will take up to 100 hours to resolve at a cost to the broker of around £8,600 in lost time and revenue. Our role is to reduce this cost to Biba brokers while exceeding client expectations.”

Steve Foulsham, technical services manager at Biba added: “Although handling standard claims for clients is bread and butter work for brokers, having access to expert support will really help when dealing with difficult issues.

“Having worked with Lorega for many years to deliver the Biba Loss Recovery Insurance scheme, we know the quality of the work delivered by their Chartered Loss Adjusters and are certain the new service will be of considerable benefit.”