Guide will be particularly useful for customers that struggle to get standard cover - Biba

Biba has launched a guide to help MPs when speaking to their constituents about insurance and the benefits of using a broker, particularly for those that find it difficult to access appropriate cover.

The launch follows Biba chief executive, Steve White’s call for total signposting, at the 2014 conference in Manchester.

Executive director Graeme Trudgill said: “Our members can often help in placing cover for those that fall outside of what is considered a ‘standard risk’. We operate a Find a Broker service which triages calls from people looking for insurance cover, and then puts them in touch with a Biba member that can help.

“Our Find a Broker service, receives around 400,000 enquiries each year from customers looking for insurance, most of who have struggled to find insurance elsewhere and we hope our guide will encourage MPs to pass constituents onto appropriate brokers.”

The guide will be sent to all MPs at both their Westminster and constituency offices.