Rehabilitation cover added to Britbord products

Brit has announced further enhancements to cover available on Britbord, its web-based system for UK brokers.

All of the package products: retail, office, property owners’ and commercial combined, available through the Britbord system now incorporate rehabilitation cover as an integral, complimentary service linked to the employers’ liability cover. Rehabilitation cover is particularly relevant to small enterprises where the absence of a single employee can have a seriously detrimental effect on productivity, efficiency and cash flow.

All four products are further enhanced with brokers having the option to add comprehensive engineering breakdown insurance. This extension covers direct physical loss following electrical or mechanical breakdown, applying to an extensive range of plant and equipment including computers and computer records, air conditioning, lifts, heating, lighting and ventilation systems and refrigerators.

In addition, both the retail and office policies have been updated, with the aim of reducing the proportion of risks that need to be referred to Brit. The retail policy also sees a doubling of the number of eligible trades alongside the introduction of no claims discounts and increased flexibility around security arrangements. By giving brokers more authority, customers’ needs will be more closely met and brokers themselves can benefit from greater efficiencies by reduced levels of paperwork.

Tim Grant, Brit’s distribution leader, small business and personal lines, said: “These improvements to the cover we offer through Britbord further recognise the importance of straightforward, cost effective cover for small to medium-sized enterprises in the UK. By cutting the number of referrals that need to be made, our brokers will have more authority and be able to make full use of their expertise, allowing them to conduct business more easily with us. They will see continued benefits emerge for them and their clients as we develop our Britbord service, which is a key part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the SME sector.”