H&H Insurance Brokers launches service to help guide claimants through complex tougher ordeals

H&H Insurance Brokers has designed and introduced a bespoke Claims Assistance Service to help support its clients in dealing with complex insurance claims and minimise losses.

This new level of service will allow clients access to their own personal chartered loss adjuster in the event of a major loss or claim.

A 2016 report from the FCA debated what happened when policyholders had to deal with complex claims. The FCA concluded that “the claims process did not appear to work effectively in their interests.”

H&H says the new service is designed specifically to answer these concerns and to work in the interests of claimants. 

The Claims Assistance Service is intended for use when a complex claim occurs, leaving a business with a series of issues to contend with, such as extensive damage to property.

Paul Graham, managing director of H&H Insurance Brokers said: “It is in these more technical and complex circumstances that the Claims Assistance Service will provide reassurance and a guarantee that your best interests are being served”.

“When the claim involves a number of parties, it becomes complex and detailed and takes time. Through our Claims Assistance Service our clients have the benefit of a professional and dedicated loss adjuster, and the added support and protection this ensures.

Needed this summer

Graham explained how this service would have been very useful in the aftermath of the Cumbria floods and various fires which have spread across the country during the heatwave.

He added: “With this new service, our clients will immediately be provided with their very own Professional Loss Adjuster, who is working on their behalf to sort out the issues and maximise the claim.

”A Loss Adjuster knows the business, knows how to deal with all parties and very importantly, understands the legislation involved.

”Our aim is to ensure our customers receive the best service possible and this is taking the level of service that we offer to them, to the next level.

”We are delighted with this and excited to launch this improved service to our clients which we believe is a natural progression to the qualitative claims service we already offer”.