Hastings investment in tech kit means its digital tools are best in class 

Hastings has set an internal record on claims settlement using Guidewire technology, in which the motor insurer has made a heavy investment.

Hastings, which recently revealed soaring profits, says it launched a new digital total loss tool which means customers can settle claims online.

It resulted in one total loss claim being settled in just 23 minutes from notification, an internal record, according to Hastings half-year results.

Customes are now able to make 80% of policy changes digitally.

Earlier this year, it emerged Hastings had also used Guidewire to help launch its multi-car proposition - in direct competition with Admiral who also use Guidewire. 

”These successes, which will benefit customers and generate efficiencies, have all been achieved through the continuing investment in the new Guidewire platform and supporting technologies, and the commitment and diligence of all of the colleagues involved,” said Hastings, led by chief executive Tobais Van Der Meer (pictured).