Medication offered to clients of its 28 group brokers

Brokerbility has launched a new risk management product in response to the swine flu outbreak.

The commercial broking group has linked with specialist health and business continuity provider Medi-Difenz to allow firms to get anti-viral medication for employees in the event of a severe pandemic.

Brokerbility chief executive Stuart Randall said the product would be offered exclusively to clients of its 28 group brokers.

“We believe many businesses and organisations will want to take this very practical step to help ensure business continuity for their workforce. Given the likelihood of a more severe pandemic in the future, businesses face the real threat that a huge number of staff could be off sick at the same time – or simply be too scared to come into work.

“This is a simple but effective piece of risk management to prevent employees becoming seriously ill and offers confidence to them in a potential crisis.”

Swine flu has so far killed seven people in the UK, with about 8,000 reported cases. Last week health secretary Andy Burnham said there could be 100,000 new cases a day by the end of August.