‘Justin Hindry’s attempt to scam Allianz also put the lives of the general public in danger’ - Allianz

Business owner, Justin Hindry, has been jailed for six years after he burnt down his showroom in a bid to fraudulently claim more than £2m from Allianz Insurance.

He was found guilty of insurance fraud and arson by a jury at Norwich Crown Court last month.

Hindry made a claim for buildings, contents and business interruption following a devastating fire at the Aylsham Bathroom and Kitchen Centre showroom, in Norfolk on 27 June 2012.

But after an investigation between the Allianz fraud investigation team, Cunningham Lindsey and the police, they were able to use evidence that placed Hindry in the proximity of the showroom when the fire was lit.

This was despite Hindry claiming he was eight miles away when the fire was lit.

Allianz Claims divisional claims manager Martin Saunders said: “The crimes committed by Mr Hindry were extremely serious and we believe that severity of his prison sentence reflects this. His attempt to scam Allianz for a significant sum of money also put the lives of the general public in danger and we are pleased this has been recognised.

“This judgement is good news for insurance industry and ultimately honest policyholders, whose premiums are unfortunately impacted by the actions of dishonest fraudsters. It also demonstrates that we have the appropriate measures in place to identify fraudulent activity and work with the police to bring people like Mr Hindry to justice.”