The Law Commission has been urged to deal now with the most problematic areas of insurance contract law rather than wait for completion of its wider consultation.

The British Insurance Law Association (BILA) has called for several issues included in the commission's insurance law scoping paper, such as non-disclosure and misrepresentation, to be reviewed immediately and not put out for consultation.

BILA chairman John Lockey said: "The Law Commission's view is that it only has one opportunity to review insurance law, which could take one year to complete.

"There are particular issues that are more controversial than others and there is some concern that these may get bogged down with others."

The scoping paper asked for views on whether areas such as insurance fraud, breach of warranty and contract certainty should be reformed. The industry was asked to consider 17 areas.

Biba chief executive Eric Galbraith expressed surprise at the large number of topics included in the paper.

He said: "Anything which simplifies the law I consider as a possible area for review but, on first reading, it seems somewhat extensive."

Biba will be liaising with the ABI to respond to the paper.

BILA said it will not be responding directly but Lockey urged its members to submit their views.

A commission spokeswoman said: "We have not yet reached a decision on the best way forward and would encourage all interested parties to tell us their views."