New products allows brokers to retain customers

Communications provider Callstream have introduced a product, Mid Call Transfer, which allows brokers to cope with heightened consumer traffic without renting out additional lines.

"Insurance companies and brokers are losing potential business because calls aren’t managed at network level," the company said in a statement.

The company claimed the product was necessary due to a massive surge in advertising rates coupled with a lack of phone-line capacity, which impairs broker's ability to attract new business.

Lisa McPherson, MD of Fresh Insurance said: “Mid Call Transfer has transformed our business efficiencies, by cutting costs and enabling us to deal with more customers. Before its implementation we didn’t realise potential business was not getting through; now we have seen a significant rise in renewals and new business.”

Martin Verity, MD of Callstream added: “Call trading has become integral to many broker operations who may not even realise that the traditional ways of transferring calls can quickly consume telephony capacity. If your calls are handled at network level, losing business because of this should be a thing of the past as well the need to increase lines and hardware.”