The 2013 Loss Adjuster of the Year tells Insurance Times why they stood out and what they’ve got on the horizon in the year ahead

Ahead of the deadline for entries to the 2014 Insurance Times Awards, we speak to past winners about their win, their top tips for success and challenges and changes in the industry.

Here Cunningham Lindsey chief executive Phil McNeilage talks about winning the 2013 Loss Adjuster of the Year Award.

IT: Why do you think you stood out for the judges as the Loss Adjuster of the Year?

PM: Our entry was based around the smart use of iPads across the business and the development of on-site video service, iSite. It was our efficient and effective use of mobile technology that I believe impressed the judges – in particular, how it supports a deeper engagement by Cunningham Lindsey’s adjusters with policyholders and all stakeholders in the claim process.  

IT: What did the win mean to the team?

PM: Winning the award meant a great deal to everyone in the team - they worked tirelessly to integrate this new IT seamlessly into our clients’ systems and processes. It was also great recognition of how increased productivity, reduced site visits and lower travel costs have and continue to deliver numerous benefits to insurers and their customers.  

IT: Since you won the award, what has been the biggest change to the insurance industry?      

PM: This year, motor fraud has surpassed home fraud for the first time ever, according to ABI statistics, and Lloyd’s of London appointed its first female chief executive in 325 years. But probably the biggest change we’ve seen since last year is the growth of the internet and social media as a communications platform for insurers’ customers. More and more people go online to manage all the important aspects of their life, conferring on all who participate in the claims supply chain a responsibility to align with customer preferences on communication - whatever they may be. 

IT: What is the biggest issue facing loss adjusters over the next 12 months?

PM: The biggest issue is the same as it’s always been - how can we do a great job, faster and cheaper, that impresses our clients and their customers? The customer’s expectations are influenced by the service they experience when dealing with other providers, whether in a personal or business capacity. There will be no reduction in demand for us to evidence responsible control of claims cost, but we expect our clients to gain greater comfort that we’re taking every step to make sure that our people always place their customers and their needs at the centre of all that we do. Getting the service delivery right every time has never been more important.

IT: What is on the horizon at Cunningham Lindsey in the year ahead?

PM: Within the next few months, we’ll be launching MiClaim. This new, web-based capability will enable us to more effectively meet the communication preferences of our client’s customers, particularly those who favour online interaction and want the ability to upload their information 24/7. While we’re excited by this development, there will be no let up in our efforts to find new and smarter ways of dealing with claims, informed by a real understanding of each customer’s needs.

IT: Where does the IT Awards trophy live?

PM: We’re very proud of all our insurance industry awards and they take pride of place in our head office’s main reception area in Reading.

IT: What is your top tip for people entering this year’s awards?

PM: Make sure that your entry clearly demonstrates how you have delivered real and measurable benefits to your clients and their customers.   Good ideas come and go. Great ideas continue to improve and evolve and create a benchmark within the industry.  


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Cunningham Lindsey chief executive Phil McNeilage tells Insurance Times what winning the award means to him