New duty could add £170 to passenger flight costs

The founder of Insureandgo, Perry Wilson, has called on the government to offer tax relief to air passengers who pay for carbon offsetting.

Wilson, who has recently introduced an option to pay for offsetting on Insureandgo’s website, said customers who took it up should be exempt from the air passenger duty (APD).

The duty, which is due to increase by up to 112% next year, could add £170 to the cost of each flight.

The APD is supposed to be a “green tax”, but the government does not disclose how it is spent.

Insureandgo offers carbon offsetting at prices ranging from £1.60 to £10.55.

Wilson said more travel insurers should offer customers carbon offsetting.

“We hope other travel insurers will follow our lead. The more people who offset their travel, the easier it is for us to stand up to the government on APD.”