The British Insurance Brokers' Association (Biba) and Abbey Legal Protection have agreed a subsidised deal to give all Biba members access to legal support.

For £35, members will get a CD-Rom guide on company and individual employment rights, legal precedents on issues such as interview procedures and disciplinary measures and policy statements they can use in the workplace on issues like bullying and email abuse.

They will also get 24-hour access to a team of solicitors and barristers to answer questions on employment and commercial law and access to a team of employment barristers if their company is served with tribunal papers.

Members will get legal updates by email and fact sheets based on the common inquiries they make to the legal support team.

Abbey Legal Protection developed the package, overseen by Biba chief executive Mike Williams.

It will also be available to members to be used as a client package on a brokerage basis, so they can offer their clients a legal service.

Williams said this was an excellent opportunity for members to add value to their renewals at a time when hardening rates have restricted commission levels and increased self-insurance.