Manual to be launched at joint Insurance Times/CII event

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The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has launched its definitive industry guide to hiring an apprentice.

The ‘CII’s Guide to Getting Started’, is a step-by-step manual to the  process of initiating an apprenticeship programme, getting government  funding and how to get the most out of apprentices.

It is being launched at Appenticeships LIVE, an event being held today in partnership between Insurance Times and the CII, which marks the beginning of National Apprenticeship Week.

The guide also provides a clear overview of the changing landscape of apprenticeships, explaining how the existing frameworks are being replaced by new employer-driven standards that ar e tailored around firms’ needs.

Commenting on the launch of the CII’s new guide Daniel Pedley, public affairs  manager at the CII, said: “One of the biggest challenges facing the insurance sector is  a talent shortfall. Apprenticeships are a key component of the insurance profession’s drive to attract new talent, in particular those who previously might not have considered insurance as a career. 

“However, far too often employers worry that  apprenticeships are too complicated. This guide dispels the myth that implementing  an apprenticeship programme is complex and overly bureaucratic.

“The CII’s 2014 Skills Survey showed over three quarters of employers are  aware of insurance apprenticeships  - its highest ever level - up from  46% in 2009. Encouragingly there has also been a rise in those employers who say they would be  willing to take on an apprentice - up from 41% in 2011 to 51% in 2014. The industry needs to ensure we have a strong and diverse flow of talent that will  safeguard the UK’s position as a global insurance leader.”

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