The Claimex action group will hold a “review and consolidation” meeting today (September 6), having collected £10,000 to take its case to Queen's Counsel.

Claimex director Richard Hanson-James said the group would decide its action plan, strategy and budget at the meeting.

The 30-member group will seek legal opinion on demands by Independent Insurance's panel solicitors that policyholders pay legal fees left outstanding after the insurer collapsed.

Loss adjuster Claimex and solicitor firm Boyes Turner launched the action group earlier this month. Hanson-James said it had gained ten new members in the past week.

“We've got people who are already paying £80,000 to £100,000 in damages that their insurance should have covered. Now one has had a demand that came in this morning for £14,000 by the lawyers.”

He said the aim of the action was “to have the panel solicitors agree they were contracted to Independent and that Independent should pay their fees, not the policyholders”.