Latest study shows that client focus is valued more highly than technical underwriting

Client focus is the most valued underwriter attribute for brokers, a study by Gracechurch Consulting has revealed.

Interviews were held with more than 500 brokers and 200 underwriters to investigate which attributes were valued most highly by each section of the market.

Client focus was the most desired underwriter attribute according to brokers, while underwriters tended to nominate their peers based on leadership qualities.

Gracechurch chief executive Ben Bolton said: “The insurance market continues to be a challenging environment. To deliver on ambitious growth plans, underwriting needs to be about more than risk selection and pricing – business development and developing client relationships are critical.

“Brokers are very clear about the behaviours that they value. These centre around an understanding of client needs and a willingness to take steps to meet them. This might be travelling to meet clients, a willingness to look at new ideas or new territories or an independent point of view.

“Underwriters who can stand apart from the crowd by demonstrating a genuine understanding about the risks that their clients face, and offer the service and solutions to solve them, are likely to continue to be seen as market leaders going forward.”

Underwriter attributes – Survey results

Underwriter attributes%Movement on 2012
Client focus29
Experienced leader20