The government will launch a consultation on whether to overhaul the rules for novice drivers next month, the Department for Transport (DfT) said this week.

It follows a report from the Commons Transport Select Committee on young drivers.

Recommendations put to government included calls for zero alcohol levels for the first two years,and a minimum 12 month learning period. The focus would be on driving in different weather and lighting conditions, on motorways and with a specified number of hours of professional tuition.

The DfT said the government was open to recommendations made by the committee, but was awaiting the outcome of the public consultation, which it hoped would generate additional evidence.

The government expressed extreme caution in response to the report, but welcomed “constructive discussions” with the ABI over data sharing, in an attempt to inform national road safety policies.

The response added: “The department is very willing to work with the industry on evaluation of packages which might improve road safety, and has discussed this with the ABI and some individual companies.”