Campaign targets residents on low income in the North West

The ABI has launched a campaign to encourage vulnerable householders in the North West to purchase contents insurance.

As the industry prepared to gather in Manchester for the annual Biba conference, the ABI met with representatives from local authorities, Aviva and Aon to discuss insurance options for people on low incomes. These include tenants’ contents insurance schemes, run by social landlords.

The North West has one of the highest levels of unprotected homes in the UK, with one in four households lacking contents insurance.

ABI assistant director Kate Carr said: “The government and the ABI are committed to improving the take-up of contents insurance among people living in rented accommodation. People in social housing are much more vulnerable to suffering a burglary or fire, yet least likely to be able to cope financially. We are exploring with local authorities and housing associations throughout the North West how the region’s most vulnerable households can protect themselves against the unexpected.”