The broker has also changed the holding company name to Ryan Direct Group following buyout

Direct Group has split its operations into two business divisions and has reshuffled its senior team as the broker plans for a 20% growth in 2014.

The two core divisions will be in claims and distribution: Direct Group Claims Services (DGCS) and Direct Group Distribution Services (DGDS).

Direct Validation Services (DVS) will merge with DG claims management to become DGCS, which will be overseen by Russell Crewe, the business unit director.

Stuart Pendleton has been appointed distribution unit director in DGDS. Both Crewe and Pendleton will report to Derek Coles.

The broker has also changed the name of its UK holding company to Ryan Direct Group following the buyout of the business in 2012 by parent company Ryan Specialty Group (RSG).

Direct Group chief executive Derek Coles said: “We deliver both claims outsourcing and distribution, and it’s sensible to simplify our structure around these two core propositions in order to give the group a very clear identity in the UK marketplace.

“Simplifying our structure and making ourselves easier to do business with for our clients, the regulator and the market at large has been a key aim of mine since we became part of RSG.

“Today’s announcement is a significant step forward in our ambition to become the leading niche and specialist insurance services provider to the UK insurance and retail market.”

Colin Jones, who was unit director for DVS, will become the group’s commercial director. Scott Hough is the group chief financial officer and Richard Mckenzie, the regulation and compliance director.