Inflatable riders loom

Insurers are again refusing to insure a donkey derby because of stringent health and safety laws. If no insurer is found for the 30-second race in Llandudno, North Wales, children will have to be replaced by inflatable animals.

Last year, organisers were forced to use inflatable sheep and a toy orangutan to ride the donkeys. Meanwhile, the children, denied the opportunity to race, were permitted the daring feat of riding at walking pace while holding a parent’s hand.

Mike Parry, assistant organiser of the fun day, lamented: “This year again looks like health and safety rules gone mad will stop us running the race with children.

“It is madness, though. In 38 years of running this race with kids there has not been a single accident.”

He continued: “We are hoping that we could get round this health and safety madness and get a firm to come forward to insure the race but so far everyone has said ‘no’.”

Backchat hopes a brave insurer can save the day, but thinks a blow-up sheep up against a stuffed monkey could provide far more entertainment. Baaaaaaa …