Grant Ellis, chief executive of Broker Network, has hit out at his competitors for "over promising and under-performing".

Ellis said rival networks were failing their members by offering inadequate service levels.

"He also complained that insurers were poor at recognising the differences between network models.

"We are spending one day a week servicing each of our members, and we have done the research to prove it," said Ellis.

"We are going to throw down the gauntlet to the networks. Would they publish service standard research?

"I would also criticise insurers in the way that they perceive networks as all being the same. That view is unjustified."

Brokers, added Ellis, have "low expectations" of what to expect of networks because they are unaware of the range of services on offer. "Brokers don't know how good it can be because there is no cost perceived in joining a network."

' Following its acquisition by Broker Network, Towry Law Insurance Brokers is to be re-branded as TL Risk Solutions.