Whitehouse joined Esure over 13 years ago as finance director

Andrew Whitehouse has retired from Esure after more than 13 years with the company.

He stepped down from the position of chief risk officer last Friday, a role he had been in for a year.

Prior to that he had been the finance director at Esure for 12 years.

His replacement is Darren Boland, who joined over a year ago with a view to replace Whitehouse when he retired.

In his new role Boland will oversee risk management, regulatory risk and compliance.

Boland joins Esure from Aspen Re, where he was the head of insurance risk management and prior to that, worked in PwC’s actuarial team, looking at risk management.

Esure head of marketing and communications Adrian Webb said: “Whitehouse was an incredibly popular and talented individual, who helped guide the business through its history and we are sad to see him go. He has been with the company since day one.

“Boland is a very experienced chap. His background is an absolutely shining example of what a good risk officer is and you would be hard pressed to find someone else more suited for the role.”

Prior to Esure’s flotation Darren Ogden replaced Whitehouse as the chief financial officer.