Helen Groom

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    Drying out


    A year on from the floods, Helen Groom asks insurance insiders to judge the industry’s response to the crisis and outlines the lessons that have been learnt.

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    Get ready to go green


    New laws will make companies liable for environmental damage. Insurers and brokers should be ready.

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    On the road to Lime Street


    With the Treasury about to overhaul the way Lloyd’s is run, regional brokers will have more access to the market than ever before. But how likely are they to take advantage of it?

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    Carving out a niche among the nouveau riche


    As the number of wealthy clients continues to rise, traditional high net worth insurers are facing stiff competition from new entrants. Helen Groom reports.

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    After the accident


    Insurers may have settled with TAG’s lawyers, but the industry still hasn’t fully recovered from the debacle. Helen Groom reports.

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    A sea change in the stormy SME market


    With the upheaval in the SME market, how can brokers adapt and prosper? Helen Groom reports.