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    The scheme that runs on empty


    The owner of an unoccupied property will usually discover that their insurance is limited to the basics. We look at a scheme that can cover all eventualities

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    Working 9 to 5? If only ...


    Your PA can be a vital business asset – a seamless organiser, guarder of secrets and appeaser of bad moods. We talk to those who’ve found the perfect partner

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    Environmental damage limitation


    Most businesses traditionally have relied on public liability or property insurance to cover their environmental liability. But it’s no longer enough

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    Make every event count


    Corporate hospitality can be a great way to get to know your clients – and win you more business. But how do you ensure a successful result for all involved?

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    A square peg for a square hole


    Customers may love getting a good deal on their insurance, but what about those who can’t get any cover at all? We talk to the broker that’s targeting the uninsurable

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    Searching for a solution


    More SMEs are wanting to buy their insurance online – and aggregators are keen to pick up the business. So where does that leave the broker?

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    Small but mighty: Biba's new D&O scheme


    Launching a new broker scheme takes creative thinking and persistence. We ask the people behind a new small business D&O offering for their winning formula

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    You can't be too careful


    Checking that your firm’s anti-bribery and corruption practices are up to date and effective is a new year’s resolution every broker could benefit from

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    After dark: nightclub cover with ClubPM


    In a new series showcasing innovation in broker schemes, we speaks to the creators of a bespoke cover catering for nightclubs under the Licensing Act 2003

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    A sales pitch no insurer can resist


    The unlikely collaboration between actuaries and marketing teams is the only profitable way forward for insurers in an aggregator-led market

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    Ten steps to a successful start-up


    As a fledgling new broker, securing an agency with an insurer can be daunting, especially in the midst of a downturn. We outline some tips to get your first foothold

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    The broker’s fight for fair treatment


    The FSA has confirmed that it will review the FSCS’s funding structure. With liabilities to be covered that include a £14bn loan, we find out what’s at stake for brokers

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    Appointing a director? Be prepared


    The FSA has been taking a more intrusive approach to regulating the appointment of senior functions within companies. But how does this affect brokers?

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    The safe way to sell PPI


    Payment protection insurance has had a bad press of late. But this product can be a lifeline for policyholders – if it is sold properly

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    Just don’t forget to ask about the dog


    Good relationships with clients are at the centre of many success stories in the insurance world. But getting too close can be bad for business …

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    And your first question is …


    The secret to exam success is always to be prepared. So start early and use the third in our series of questions from broker ASSESS, the CII’s online training and competency tool, to help you to hone your skills in time for the next round of tests (Scroll down for ...

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    A gentle nudge in the right direction


    Sometimes it feels like clients just don’t know what’s good for them. Lauren MacGillivray looks at a model that suggests offering a default option to encourage positive decisions

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    How to handle tough customers


    The adage ‘customer is king’ is not always adopted in practice, if complaints statistics are anything to go by. Lauren MacGillivray outlines the procedural pitfalls, and the solutions

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    It’s not over till the meerkat sings


    Love them or hate them, TV adverts for insurers and aggregators are more creative than ever before. But there is much more potential to be tapped

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    Proving there’s life after leadership


    Even for the industry’s high-flyers, the rat race can lose appeal after a while. We talk to Aviva’s John Kitson and others like him who are venturing beyond the boardroom