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    Practice makes perfect


    The CII exams next month loom large, but there’s still time for last-minute study. These questions from past papers will test your knowledge and help you to hone your skills (Scroll down for the answers)

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    Move outside your comfort zone


    The key to standing out in a crowded market is differentiation. Muireann Bolger looks at the ways that brokers can take a fresh approach to promoting themselves

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    Positive equity: companies raising cash


    Despite a restrictive economy, five companies within the Lloyd’s market raised capital in the first quarter of 2009. Seb Kafetz considers the reasons why, and what to expect next

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    Improving your chances of success


    Stop worrying, plan a study schedule instead. Angelique Ruzicka and the CII ease the stress of the looming exams with the second of their series on successful study methods (Scroll down for the answers)

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    How to be good


    The Combined Code may offer larger firms the required guidance on corporate governance, but how can SMEs ensure their obligations are met?

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    Show your competence through qualifications


    The need to have a recognised professional qualification has never been greater, says Muireann Bolger and it will stand you in good stead if you are made redundant

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    Fully prepared and on the starting blocks


    It may seem a foolhardy move to begin a new business in the continuing economic gloom, but Angelique Ruzicka finds out how to be ready when the time is right

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    How to pass professional insurance examinations


    In the first of a monthly series of advice, tips and example questions to help you perform well in the CII exams, Angelique Ruzicka and the CII look at successful study methods (scroll down for answers)

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    Slowdown in M&A as capital dries up


    M&A deals in the UK have changed fundamentally with bids now being rarely financed with debt and most interest likely to come from abroad

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    How to stay one step ahead of disaster


    Cuts are inevitable in a recession, and training is often the first to go. But Aviva’s Phil Grace says businesses cannot afford half-measures with their risk management strategies

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    Add a feather to your cap


    Has the handshake become passé? Not at all, say insurers. Stick with some traditions, but ignore new ways of social networking at your peril

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    It is bad, but it could have been worse


    The global financial crisis has affected general insurance less markedly than some other financial institutions, though it is not out of the woods yet. Angelique Ruzicka reports

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    How to be a non-executive director


    The misconception that being a non-executive is an easy life is decreasing thanks to the fallout from the financial crisis and stricter regulatory management

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    Staying power


    What’s in a name? Well, almost everything during an economic downturn, when customers tend to flock to the brands they trust the most. Exclusive to Insurance Times, Brand Finance – an independent brand valuation company – has provided feedback on which general insurers have the best brands and why. Here’s ...

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    Lessons from life


    What can general insurance brokers draw from the life market to help customers beat the recession and invest in the future? Industry-wide plans are afoot . . .

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    Pick the right platform to get personal


    Using the latest communications technology to cultivate long-term, one-to-one customer relationships will give you a competitive edge, advises Ellis Williams

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    You’ve got to be able to show and tell


    Islamic insurance may be attracting more interest but still needs to exist side-by-side with conventional business. Flexible IT is the key to servicing both markets, says Ian Forwood

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    Days of display, pay and pray are over


    How do you have a marketing strategy without a marketing budget? With online affiliate marketing, Martin McNulty explains, you only spend when you get results

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    Finding yourself in the pink


    Your clothes are vital for the right first impression. So why not ditch the grey for a touch of blue? Angelique Ruzicka helps a mediator put some colour back in his working week

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    Border crossings


    Rome II (yes, you read that right, it’s not Solvency II) came into force earlier this year. Nick Weston charts the fall-out