Stop worrying, plan a study schedule instead. Angelique Ruzicka and the CII ease the stress of the looming exams with the second of their series on successful study methods (Scroll down for the answers)

The key to gaining CII qualifications is preparation. But it’s only early August, so you still have plenty of time before the October exams to plan how you will use your study time.

Set up a schedule to ensure you have time to study the whole syllabus; allow more time for the areas that you’re having difficulty with.

Past exam guides are a good way to help you to understand what the examiners require. Each contains a past exam that you can use as a mock paper to test yourself under exam conditions.

Here are our top tips:

• Always read the exam questions (all parts) carefully.

• Read the whole paper before you start to write.

• Have a time plan and stick to it. Decide which questions will be easier for you and which will require more time, budgeting time according to how difficult the question is.

• Answer the precise question set.

• Understand what the key words mean and follow them:

  • List: Write a series of items in concise form, without explanations.
  • Explain: Show you understand by stating and giving reasons.
  • Recommend: Based on the information given, make suggestions based on what you think.

• Each question shows the marks available. Make the length and detail of your answers proportionate to the marks.

• When structuring your answers, detailed bullet points are sufficient. They cut down the amount you need to write and should enable you to concentrate on the key points.


1. Which of these risks would be covered by a comprehensive private motor insurance policy, but not by a third party fire and theft policy?

a) Damage to the insured vehicle caused during an attempted theft

b) Theft of accessories attached to the insured vehicle

c) Damage to the insured vehicle caused by lightning

d) Malicious damage to the insured vehicle

2. Henry Hall has a cover note issued by XYZ Insurers which runs from 1st April until 15th April. XYZ is ready to issue the certificate on 8th April. What is the earliest date they are entitled to issue the certificate from?

a)1st April

b) 8th April

15th April

16th April

3. In what way does the theft cover under a motor policy differ from the definition of theft under the Theft Act 1968?

a) It is of wider scope because there is no requirement for 'permanent depriving' under the motor policy theft cover

b) It is of narrower scope because there is a requirement for 'permanent depriving' under the motor policy theft cover

c) It is of wider scope because there is no requirement for forcible entry or exit under the motor policy theft cover

d) It is of narrower scope because there is a requirement for forcible entry or exit under the motor policy theft cover

4. If a home (household) buildings insurance policy is 'index-linked', it means that?

a) The sum insured is increased automatically in line with inflation

b) Premiums are calculated using a standard ABI index

c) Premiums are paid monthly and increase each month in line with inflation

d) The sum insured at inception is based on the rebuilding cost of the property as shown in the House Rebuilding Cost Index

5. Paul and John invested in buying a house. Paul contributes £130, 000 and John contributions £170,000 to the £300,000 purchase price. If Paul wants to insure the house against damage in this own name what is the maximum amount he can insure it for under a home buildings insurance policy?

a) £130,000

b) £150,000

c) £170,000

d) £300,000

6) How, if at all, is money normally covered under a home contents insurance policy?

a) A small amount of cover, of between £300 and £500 is provided as part of the basic policy

b) A small amount of cover up to £500 is provided in respect of travellers’ cheques only

c) Only money that is held in a locked safe a the insured’s home is covered

d) Loss ore damage to money is always excluded from cover under a household contents policy

7.) What distinguishes 'specified' items from 'unspecified' items in a home (household) contents policy extension covering personal possessions on an 'all risks' basis?

a) Specified items are covered on a worldwide basis

b) Specified items are covered while outside the house

c) Specified items exceed a pre-set value

d) Specified items are not easily replaceable

8) Harry’s travel policy extends to include a ‘Pet care’ section. What sort of cover will this section typically provide?

a) The additional cost of temporary accommodation for the pet if the insured is delayed beyond their planned holiday return date

b) A benefit for each 24 hours that a cat or dog receives in patient veterinary treatment as a result of suffering an injury whilst being cared for while the insured is on holiday

c) The additional cost of travelling home early from holiday because the insured's pet is taken ill

d) The cost of emergency treatment for a pet that accompanies the insured on holiday if it is taken ill