The secret to exam success is always to be prepared. So start early and use the third in our series of questions from broker ASSESS, the CII’s online training and competency tool, to help you to hone your skills in time for the next round of tests (Scroll down for the answers)

Question 1

Jack asks whether a private motor policy provides any personal accident (PA) cover. What is the correct response?

a) No, personal accident benefits are not a feature of motor insurance

b) Yes, limited capital benefits for the driver and any passengers are included as part of the statutory minimum level of cover

c) Limited PA benefits for the insured and their spouse are normally included as part of the cover under a comprehensive policy

d) Cover under a third-party fire and theft or comprehensive policy normally extends to include full PA benefits in respect any occupant of the insured car

Question 2

Which type of motor insurance will cover damage caused to a vehicle during an attempted theft, but not damage caused by vandals?

a) Road Traffic Act cover

b) Third-party cover

c) Third-party fire and theft cover

d) Comprehensive cover

Question 3

David uses his car for social domestic and pleasure purposes, as well as driving it to and from work each day. How is this usage of the car normally classed for premium rating purposes?

a) Social, domestic and pleasure use

b) Personal and business use

c) Personal and restricted business use

d) Class 3 or C use

Question 4

On what basis are nearly all motorcycle insurance policies underwritten?

a) Named riders riding any motorcycle

b) Any rider riding the insured motor cycle

c) Named riders riding the insured motorcycle

d) Up to four named riders riding any motorcycle

Question 5

The notification condition in a private motor policy requires a policyholder to notify an insurer of any possible claim within what time scale?

a) As soon as reasonably possible

b) Fourteen days from the date of the accident

c) Fourteen days from the date of receiving the claim form

d) Twenty-eight days from the date of the accident

Question 6

Under what circumstances, if any, can a motor insurance cover note be backdated?

a) None

b) Only if the insured has genuinely overlooked the renewal of his or her policy

c) If it is issued the day after a bank holiday, it can be backdated by up to 24 hours

d) In any circumstance except where the purpose of backdating is to avoid liability for an offence under the Road Traffic Act

Question 7

What is the main purpose of the ‘schedule’ in a private motor policy?

a) To remind the insured of their contractual obligations in areas such as insurable interest and utmost good faith

b) To customise the generic policy to the individual risk

c) To explain the different sections of cover

d) To provide a glossary of the technical terms introduced throughout the policy

Question 8

Anita Taylor shares her house with two friends. Which of the perils under her home (household) buildings insurance will be subject to an additional restriction in cover due to this arrangement?

a) Malicious damage or vandalism

b) Impact

c) Accidental damage to sanitaryware and fixed glass

d) Escape of water