FarmWeb, NIG and RiskSTOP are delighted to have won this award which recognises the value and importance of FarmWeb SUPPORT, an innovative risk management solution for the agricultural sector, launched last year.

FarmWeb SUPPORT is a collaborative partnership between specialist broker network FarmWeb, insurer NIG and risk management experts RiskSTOP.

The agricultural sector is arguably the most complex of all industry sectors, from a risk management perspective, given the range of activities on and off the farm and the increasing degree of diversification from traditional farming practices.

In a sector as dynamic as modern agriculture, changes to legislation and customer demand can have a profound impact. Every agricultural business is unique in terms of its risk profile.

As an independent network of specialist agricultural brokers, FarmWeb has been working with the farming industry for the past decade to improve standards of risk management within this notoriously resistant group of policyholders.

Our research has shown that policyholders are now better informed as to their responsibilities and, with the helpline and advice available, are better able to manage their risks.

As a result FarmWeb SUPPORT has created safer workplaces, safer working environments and safer working practices.

More farmers are becoming increasingly proactive risk managers as they now appreciate the benefits, both financially and practically, of good risk management.