Research found that 78% of firms do not monitor reviews on third-party sites

Many insurers are missing out on valuable customer feedback because they are not monitoring their online reviews, according to new research.

A survey of 50 insurers by Autoglass found that despite one in three insurers now having provisions for customer reviews on their own websites, more than half (58%) don’t have dedicated resources for responding to customer reviews, and nearly three in five (78%) admit to a lack of monitoring of customer reviews on third-party sites. 

But insurers that are monitoring customer reviews are reaping the rewards: nearly half (45%) say it allows them to react effectively to improve processes. 

A significant number (29%) also recognise that customer reviews on their websites helps to instil trust in their customers, and almost one-quarter (24%) believe that web visitors are more likely to purchase after viewing positive endorsements.  

Two-way social media engagement is another area where insurers have room to improve.

Research by Autoglass in November found that only 40% of insurers are actively responding to customer enquiries received on social platforms.

This is despite more customers going online to voice their opinions on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Instead, most insurers are mainly using social media channels to drive brand awareness and encourage policy renewal.