Startupbootcamp is inviting applicants for the next cohort of insurtech startups

Startupbootcamp InsurTech is looking for new candidates to disrupt the insurance industry.

The fintech accelerator has invited insurtech startups to apply for its mentoring programme. Applications are open until 29 October.

Startupbootcamp said new applicants could join alumni like Buzzmove, which has raised more than £6m investment since leaving the accelerator in 2016 and launched buzzVault, a new service aimed at customers who want to “protect, manage and store” their belongings in a “digital vault”.

Or like CBien, a digital platform that can value items and offer coverage and help manage claims which has raised an additional £7m.

“Offerings such as these are attracting the significant amounts of funding now flowing into insurtech businesses,” said Sabine VanderLinden, global managing director of Startupbootcamp InsurTech.

“Insurtech startups are becoming key enablers within insurance businesses, and we want to work with the up-and-coming companies that have businesses that could potentially push the industry to the next level. There is no sign of this InsurTech momentum slowing down. Insurance is changing, and we’re right at the centre of it.”