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business evolution, growth

Covid-19 tests brokers’ resilience in reshaping business practices

The past year has been a ‘moment for reflection’ for the insurance industry, as the sector has had ‘to have a cold, hard look at itself’ following pandemic challenges


Katie 2

Opinion: Hard graft ahead as brokers cement post-pandemic role

Editor Katie Scott explains why resilience is still important as the UK starts to exit the Covid-19 lockdown, compared to last year’s pandemic peak

The Market

light bulb, question

The Big Question May 2021: How can the industry work to remove barriers and become more accessible for millennials?

Millennials, the first digitally raised generation, continue to shape and change entire industries. Continuing discussions from Insurance2025, Insurance Times asks the sector how it can meet growing demands for modernisation from younger people

The People

build, restructure, rebrand

David Bearman: ‘Our focus will be to build a broking house that will be decade defining’

After 25 years at the helm, the insurance group’s chief executive says the business is ‘just getting started’ as it unveils new brand and restructure



Backchat May 2021

A new bot on the block, car insurers tapping into the power of TikTok and Lloyd’s of London reconsidering its dress code. What has the insurance industry been up to this month? You heard it here first…