The speakers at our launch IT Pack event proved inspirational to the up-and-coming brokers present

Relationships are key

“I thought it was fantastic to hear from Neil, who was just 25 when he started his own brokerage – and after only two years’ experience. In those two years he must have developed fantastic relationships with insurers. It goes to show that as long as you work hard, get qualifications like the ACII and try to develop the right relationships with people, you can succeed.”

James Graham, Business Line Insurance Services

Learning from others

“I can relate to a lot of things Leon said. He has wonderful determination and after listening to him you feel anything is possible. The IT Pack is a great opportunity because when you meet other brokers you find out what they are doing. It has made me realise there is so much I can do and want to do. The key thing I’ve learned from today is to keep in contact with people. It will be great to see how everybody progresses.”

Jodie Amber Patience, Ross-Gower

Networking opportunity

“It was wonderful to hear from Neil. He was my age when he set up his brokerage and I’m now asking myself: ‘Could I do that?’. The speeches have been inspiring. We are all raring to go out and win the IT Pack. It’s also been great to sit down and talk with other young brokers because we are in the minority in the industry.”

Corinne Beadsmoore, Oval Group

Motivational speakers

“It was wonderful to be able to network with people of a similar age and mindset – not being the one in the corner of the CII event thinking everyone knows each other from 15 years back. Leon’s story was inspiring. He has made insurance part of his life rather than regarding it as just a job. Looking at what he has achieved over the past 12 months, it makes me wonder what I can do over the next year.”

Steve Cavey, Lycetts