Royal & Sunalliance is using blarney to woo brokers in its latest advertising campaign.

Readers of Insurance Times can expect to see headlines like “blah blah, hype hype, promises promises, rhubarb rhubarb” and “paper, cotton, wool, bronze, pottery, tin, wood, lace, china, ruby”.

The concept is built on a series of somewhat surreal phrases, that have been designed to provoke attention and discussion among customers.

And they are also supposed to convey an underlying message of leadership and expertise, coupled with a strong sense of individualism and purpose.

UK communications director Paul Atkinson said: “Our advertisements are designed to be intriguing and humorous. They have a strong underlying message, carrying a human element, which is important when talking to our customers.”

Around 30 advertisements carrying generic and business specific themes will be placed in insurance, healthcare and specialist trade publications over the next 15 months.