AXA-owned business in consultation with staff in the South East, Midlands and Wales

Up to 44 jobs are at risk following Bluefin’s decision to put its Elite underwriting facility for SMEs into run-off, revealed this week.

A spokesman for AXA-owned Bluefin said it was in consultation with the staff, based in Coventry, Chelmsford, London, Welshpool and Milton Keynes.

It is hoped that redundancy will be minimised by a number of new roles, run-off roles – expected to last over a year – and redeployment within Bluefin and the AXA group.

Elite, which was formerly part of Layton Blackham and used by Bluefin and members of its network BPS, has been abandoned in favour of expanding Bluefin’s existing Platinum product range, a similar business that is based on the Acturis platform.

Insurers partnering Bluefin in the first phase of the new strategy include AXA, Aviva, RSA and Zurich.