Dynamic launched for residential property with SME to follow

Keelan Westall has launched Dynamic, an e-trading platform for residential property business.

The platform is full-cycle, giving brokers quick quotes and allowing mid-term adjustments and renewals.

Dynamic also gives brokers policy wordings that they cannot get direct from insurers, such as malicious damage by tenants.

Underwriting is done by Aviva and MMA managing general agent Zenner. If a risk traded through Dynamic is not immediately accepted by these underwriters then Keelan Westall will call the broker to sort it out.

Dynamic could also expand further into commercial lines, according to Keelan Westall managing director Wayne Tonge.

“Over the next 12 months we will start to explore SME,” Tonge said. “But we are not turning into a technology company. Our personal touch, service and relationships won’t reduce now we have got a platform. If anything, they will increase.”

Any claims are dealt with by Keelan Westall’s in-house team, who have an average settlement time of nine weeks.

The platform is open to Keelan Westall’s 800 sub-brokers as well as wider brokers.