Website to provide real-time information on system stability

Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) will launch a new Electronic Claim File (ECF) website on 18 November.

The new website will provide real-time information on system stability, system process and procedures and frequently asked questions.

Users will be able to download technical documents and submit change requests.

It will include an RSS feed to alert users of system challenges and upcoming events, as well as a schedule of change requests.

The site was developed as a result of feedback from the market’s ECF User Group calling for improved communication.

During its testing phase in August the website recorded more than 2,000 hits.

ECF user group chairman and LMA claims manager Rob Gregg said: “We’re very excited to have been able to take the initiative and launch our own site focusing purely on ECF. This is the first time a separate resource has been created in addition to the highly informative and collective information stored within the London Market Group website.”

ECF began in 2004 as a market-wide initiative to improve the processing and management of claims by moving from a paper-based to an electronic-based system.