Sequel reveals what’s on the mind of brokers and underwriters

Expansion, growth and mergers are the most concerning issues to London market brokers and carriers, according to a recent survey.

Research by insurance software specialist Sequel revealed regulation as the second most important issue in the market.

This was followed by enhancing systems; enhancing business efficiency; the state of the economy; and London market initiatives.

"The top three issues identified were given significantly more emphasis by professionals than the last three,” said Sequel director Michael Graham.

“It is important and encouraging to note that concerns about dealing with growth and enhancing IT systems come high on their list of priorities.”

He continued: “And contrary to what is sometimes believed, coping with changing regulatory requirements is a high priority for insurance professionals.

“Insurance professionals are clearly planning for success while keeping a careful eye on regulation.

“I believe that organisations will be making more business decisions to use technology to prepare for growth, change and improvement.”