Meehan becomes a banker after leaving VP.

The mystery surrounding the future of former Venture Preference co-chief, Paul Meehan, was finally uncloaked last week when Backchat got hold of (not quite) legal tender from the newly-formed Bank of Meehan, at a party last week.

The entrepreneurial Meehan, who earlier this year found the time to create his own consultancy despite playing in at least 17 bands, now has another role to fill: head of the Paul Meehan Currency Board.

The Meehan pound, which is pegged to sterling, is among the most valued in Harrogate, if not the world.

One meehan is, in fact, worth around £2.43 – exactly enough, Backchat was pleased to discover, to buy a pint of Guinness.

What remains unclear is who might fill the vacant portrait spot on the left hand side of the bill.

On a related note, rumours that former Layton Blackham chief and colleague Chris Blackham had been appointed governor of the bank proved without any currency at all.