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  • Neill Johnstone Lorega MD-HD
    Five star ratings report

    Q&A: Lorega on 'how we won five stars'


    Insurance Times’  Savan Shah speaks to group managing director, Neill Johnstone on the results the MGA achieved in the new Five Star Ratings Report, addressing broker concerns and a look to the future of Lorega

  • 3x2-ratio-image-Kev-and-Eric
    IT Interview

    Giroux Q&A: Understanding the MGA Analytics market


    GIROUX is a London-based, insurance-focused data warehouse and analytics company, offering secure, enterprise-grade tools with intuitive self-service insight discovery and mobile capabilities. The two directors of the company, Eric Giroux and Kevin Allchorne, spoke to Insurance Times about the

  • Volante
    Latest News

    Volante to launch new multi-class international MGA


    Volante Global Limited, a new multi-class and multi-territory international managing general agent (MGA) platform, will launch and commence trading during Q1 2018

  • Eric giroux
    Online only

    Q&A Giroux: Rising to the challenge through analytics


    Insurance Times lead researcher Savan Shah discusses some of the key themes to emerge from Insurance Times research into etrading, cyber technology, broker services, GDPR and the MGA market with Eric Giroux Managing Director of Giroux and Investor Kevin Allchorne ex Amlin global managing director