Construction firms to benefit from Moorhouse Homepro collaboration

Welsh broker Moorhouse has teamed up with Homepro and The Insurance Services (UK) Ltd, an award winning innovator of home improvement protection products, to provide a white labelled insurance service to their SME construction clients.

As a result of the new collaboration, Homepro will continue to focus on providing Insurance Back Guarantee (IBG) products while construction insurance specialist Moorhouse will manage all commercial business renewals for Homepro under the banner of Moorhouse Homepro.

Lyndon Wood, CEO of Moorhouse, said: “This partnership is a great example of a win-win situation. Homepro is very highly regarded when it comes to IBG products, but insurance products for trade SMEs are not their core business. We, on the other hand, have considerable experience in underwriting insurance products for the construction industry and SME, and have a requirement for IBG for our construction clients."

Kim Rehfeld, CEO of Homepro, said: “By bringing Moorhouse into the frame, we are able to add real value to our clients while focusing on our core product. The result is our clients get the benefit of Moorhouse’s expertise in terms of their own insurance protection and Moorhouse’s clients have access to our IBG products. A better proposition all round.”