Aussie star has lots of baggage

It’s not just holidaymakers that will be relieved at the relaxation of the rules limiting passengers to one piece of hand luggage when flying.

Travel insurance specialist InsureandGo is keeping its fingers crossed that the new rules will cut claims for lost and stolen baggage – one of the fastest growing areas of travel insurance claims.

The company has paid out nearly £1m so far for lost luggage claims made for 2007, with the average claim being £81.70.

Perry Wilson, managing director of InsureandGo, says: “The one-bag restrictions meant passengers during the past 18 months put more luggage into the holds of planes than they usually would, increasing the chances of it being lost or even stolen.

“Lifting the one-bag restrictions will reduce the amount being lost or even stolen, saving passengers from a huge amount of distress and insurers from hundreds of thousands of pounds in claims.”

On the subject of baggage, it seems pop-star and soap heart-throb Jason Donovan can’t do without his travel insurance policy.

He tells The Daily Telegraph that along with his wits, good suitcases and “lots of white T-shirts”, he always travels with his trusty insurance policy.

No doubt sales of travel insurance will rocket on the back of such a high profile recommendation.