Portal provides end-to-end claims notification and tracking for brokers and fleet managers

Allianz has launched the Allianz Claims Hub, a digital platform for brokers and motor fleet customers to report motor fleet claims and track all types of motor claims.

Brokers and customers can notify motor fleet claims 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using a simple and dynamic question set that allows Allianz to progress claims straight away.

The portal also provides the capability for supporting documents and images to be uploaded securely and swiftly at any stage in the journey.

The Allianz Claims Hub’s self-service claims tracking facility allows users to check the status of commercial motor claims, including motor fleet and motor trade road risk claims. It provides access to relevant financial information including reserves and payments, plus details of instructed third parties such as solicitors and vehicle repairers.

If a vehicle repair is being carried out by an Allianz Approved Repairer, the tracking tool will also provide updated information about the status of that repair.

The insurer has also launched Allianz Notify, an app that enables fleet drivers to quickly and easily report their own claims.

Drivers can submit a claim directly and securely exchange insurance details with any other parties involved in an incident, with the claims notification process taking between three and five minutes on average.

Margaret Scott, head of claims strategy and customer experience, said: “Businesses across the UK are currently facing unprecedented challenges. At this time it has never been more important for us to provide as much support as we can and make the claims process as easy as possible for our broker partners and customers.

“I’m proud that the Allianz Claims Hub allows our customers to quickly and conveniently notify and track motor fleet claims. Alongside the Allianz Notify App, we believe these digital claims assets will bring significant improvements to the claims journey for both our broker partners and motor customers.”