’Chubb’s vehicle trackers have been developed to provide the highest available level of security,’ says head of personal risk services

Chubb has launched a new vehicle tracking system in the UK to help protect customers from car theft, a statement released today (27 July 2023) said.

The product, which has been named S5 Vehicle Tracker, will be suitable for any vehicle make or model and comes with Thatcham Security certification.

It has been introduced in partnership with Global Telemetrics, a stolen vehicle recovery and billing platform, and will be available to customers of Chubb’s UK Personal Risk Services.

Stephen Vaughan, head of personal risk services Europe at Chubb, said: “The number of luxury vehicles stolen has increased significantly in recent years as car thieves deploy ever-more sophisticated technology.

“Chubb’s vehicle trackers have been developed to provide the highest available level of security for our customers to help protect their vehicles and provide them with peace of mind.”


Chubb said it had introduced the product with ”criminals now often targeting high-value vehicles”.

Earlier this year (23 May 2023), AA Insurance Services revealed that vehicle thefts across England and Wales in 2022 increased by 24.9% year-on-year to 130,389 cases.

Features for Chubb’s new tracker include driver recognition, remote deactivation, a phone app that provides live location details, journey history and geofence creation, which means the tracker sends an alert when the vehicle goes outside a defined area.

Chubb is also offering a ‘plus’ version of the product, which will offer enhanced security against keyless theft with its “no tag, no start” feature that immobilises a vehicle when the driver detection card is not in range or switched off.

For car owners with multiple vehicles, individual trackers can be installed and linked to one driver detection card, designed to fit within a purse or wallet.

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