CUO says having a company box in Lloyd’s ’strengthens our profile’

International general insurance (IGI) has taken a box at Lloyd’s of London as part of its long-term commitment to the London market. 

The international specialty risks commercial insurer said it would begin trading at Lloyd’s today (9 May 2024) and would be located in box 330A in gallery 3.

It will trade across multiple business lines, with underwriting teams operating on a rotational basis.

The establishment of a presence within Lloyd’s contributes to IGI’s strategic growth objectives by increasing distribution and enhancing brand recognition.

Christopher Jarvis, group chief underwriting officer at IGI, said, “This is an exciting move for IGI at a time when strategic and profitable growth is a priority for us.

”Having a company box in Lloyd’s underwriting room, in the heart of the London insurance marketplace, strengthens IGI’s profile and provides enhanced distribution capabilities in the most efficient manner.”