NIG to start underwriting in May

Louise Field, NIG

NIG has won the tender from AXA Insurance to underwrite the SAIFInsure scheme of London-based Lark Group. 

The scheme offers insurance for UK funeral directors, developed with The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

NIG will start underwriting the business from 1 May 2012. 

The scheme currently looks after the insurance arrangements for over 450 funeral directors with plans to double that number by 2014.

Lark is a member of NIG First, NIG’s club for a small group of brokers, and this helped NIG win the tender. 

NIG area underwriting manager - London Louise Field said: “There has been a real team effort to win this tender. Lark made it clear that they wanted a fresh approach, and stressed it was keen to develop a closer relationship with its insurer partner.”

SAIFInsure commercial insurance director Brian Hart said: “Having worked closely with NIG through its First programme, I am confident that NIG is the correct partner for SAIFInsure.”