Campaigning MPs have yet to meet the Prime Minister after his intervention in the pleural plaques debate

MPs campaigning to overturn the House of Lords' ruling that victims of pleural plaques cannot claim compensation are still waiting for a date to meet Prime Minister Gordon Brown following his intervention in the high profile debate.

Brown is to meet the cross-party group of campaigners within a week. He has promised to take some action. One option is believed to be a potential deal with insurers that would see the industry pay up to £5,000 for each victim of pleural plaques, as reported by Insurance Times last week.

Labour MP David Anderson said the delegation is clear on its stance that insurers should have to compensate for pleural plaques – symptomless growths on the lungs caused by asbestos – but cannot make further progress until a formal meeting with the Prime Minister is arranged.

“I will try to talk to MPs who are involved directly, to see if they’ve heard anything new,” he said.