Insurer makes three hour promise to brokers

RSA has launched the next phase in the shake-up of its commercial lines business by promising to respond to brokers within three hours.

A My RSA Team website will detail who each broker should contact with questions. There will also be feedback seminars held across the country for the rest of the year.

Sales relationship director Aaron Devitt, addressing brokers during an RSA conference at Goodwood on Monday, said: “If we all work together we have an opportunity to adjust the UK leading commercial insurer to a way that suits us both.”

In his first six months as chief executive, Adrian Brown has split RSA into two business departments – commercial lines and personal lines. He has organised the commercial lines division into three units – global, UK mid-market and SME/volume.

He told brokers at the conference that insurers were facing increased claims during the economic downturn. There would be inevitable rate increases set against brokers being told by hard-pressed clients that they want a cut in premium, he said.

Brown said insurers needed to push up rates as a matter of urgency, but told the brokers: “I recognise that rate increases right now lead to difficult discussions between underwriters and your teams.”