CII faculty to help brokers recruit from schools and universities

Brokers will be helped to recruit new people into the industry by the CII's Faculty of Insurance Broking.

Faculty chairman David Slade said the body would provide support to brokers, including the production of recruitment flyers and documentation aimed at attracting school-leavers and graduates.

"We don't go out and sell ourselves enough against the other professions. It's just not seen as ‘sexy' enough," said Slade.

"We want to promote ourselves as an industry that young people will want to come into."

Slade said the faculty planned to provide brokers with relevant materials that they could leave in schools and universities.

"We have to sell the industry to schools and to individuals as hard and as well as we sell to our customers," he said.

"The faculty is working on this to bring forward something that is focused and exciting, and provides meaningful information in documentation."

The Faculty of Insurance Broking was launched at the CII conference in September 2004.

At the time Slade set out the key challenges for the broking community, including how to attract, develop, and retain the best talent within the broker market.

Aims of the faculty were to look at:

  • Defining what was meant by "fit for purpose"
  • Supporting brokers in becoming and remaining "fit for purpose"
  • Creating best practice standards and benchmarks for the broking industry
  • Establishing a centre for excellence for individuals involved in broking.

    Slade said that the faculty board had spent the past six months working on developing the CII's code of ethics to apply to insurance broking.