The week's winners
JLT up 2.7%
Amlin up 3.6%

The week's winnersJLT up 2.7%Amlin up 3.6%

The week's losersBrit Insurance down 4%Kiln down 2.8%Brit shareholders must have let out a sigh of relief, then a cheer, this week. After paying no dividends for two years, Brit has pledged to pay out a generous dividend of 70% of its earnings. But despite this announcement, the market's golden child saw its share price drop 4%. It seems the stock market pundits are worried that the dividend pay-out is still a little early. Brit's dividend pay-outs have been hampered since the company suffered huge losses of £86m after the WTC attack. In an unusual move, Brit Insurance Holdings sought High Court approval to reorganise its capital to pay out dividends. Brit is therefore expected to pay a full year dividend for 2004 of 7p, rising to 7.7p in 2005. The first dividend pay-outs are expected to be as early as June or July. Until then, shareholders will just have to wait in anticipation. Meanwhile, rumours of a bid from Willis saw Jardine Lloyd Thompson's shares inflate by 22p from 500.5p to 522.5p. But analysts say the rise could be due to the strengthening of the US dollar. But whatever the reason the market seems to continue to react favourably, at least for this week with its shares rising 2.7%.