More than half of parents with children at home encourage them to use black box insurance policies

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Nearly nine out of ten UK students say they are likely to use black box insurance in a bid to secure to lower premiums, according to new research by Octo Telematics.

The research, which was published by the telematics provider to tie in with Global Road Safety Week, shows that 87% of UK students say they will probably fit the boxes in their cars, making them the group who are most likely to do so.

The survey also showed that 52% of parents with children living at home encourage them to buy a black box insurance policy.

Of those who have fitted telematics devices, 64% said they had helped to significantly improve their own driver behaviour and that of others.

In addition, half of motorists using black box motor insurance believe that it significantly improves road safety.

Jonathan Hewett, chief marketing officer, Octo Telematics, said: “Black box insurance policies are more accurate ways of measuring driving risks. Insurance companies charge premiums according to driving skills and safety and this research shows that students and young people are more likely to install them to stay safe on the roads and save money in the process. With Global Road Safety Week starting this week, it is important to highlight the dangers of the world’s roads and encourage people to drive safely.”

The survey was carried out by YouGov in April 2015 amongst a sample of 1593 UK drivers.