Danny Walkinshaw looks at the latest insurance stories online

Insurancetimes.co.uk has a number of regular bloggers who discuss a range of market issues (as well as other interesting goings-on).

The latest to sign up is Jonathan Davey, director at SSP and former chief executive of PBS Holdings, who has just posted the second of his exclusive monthly blogs for our site.

Elsewhere, Peter Smits’s Independent broker blog is in full swing (see the latest entry reproduced below left).

The managing director of Ashbourne Insurance writes about all matters affecting the world of Britain’s small brokers, including the challenges and opportunities presented by the recession.

Other regulars include the Biba blog, where Eric Galbraith, the association’s chief executive, explains its progress on regulatory issues and the big topics facing brokers.

Anthony Hughes, president of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers, writes a regular Legal blog. Hughes tackles the latest developments in the law as well as telling us how he’s spending his gardening leave, awaiting his move in July to the Manchester-based firm Horwich Farrelly as chief executive .

Finally, John Kitson, Norwich Union’s sales and marketing director, always entertains with his interactive video blog, which offers regular updates on the insurer’s rebrand to Aviva.

All these blogs and more are available at Insurancetimes. co.uk. If you fancy writing a regular blog – or maybe just a one-off “guest blog” – send me an email.